You Are Not Alone

Vaughan Moore

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Being in debt can be a lonely journey.


Yes, it’s a journey.  It’s a long hard journey that millions face alone.  Imagine that, millions of people are alone in their debt.

They are ashamed of where they are.  They have no real idea how they got there.  And they have no real idea of how to get out.

But then they click on that link and get a guilty rush of adrenaline when they click the “Buy Now” button for something they’ve been wanting for a while.  Yet they know they don’t really need it. But they bought it anyway.

Why, why, why…

It started out innocent enough. They only had $1,000 credit limit so paying off that in a few months shouldn’t be a problem.  They promised themselves they would divide their balance by 3 and it would be gone without a problem.

But then they got an offer to increase the credit line because they were such a great customer…

Incredibly $1,000 turned into $10,000 in short order.

And what about their spouse?  One day both of them realized they had $20,000 in debt together.

Yes, being is debt is lonely.  Who wants to admit to their friends and family they have been irresponsible with their money?  Most suffer in silence. But, they also argue incessantly about it with their spouse or partner.

Is this person you?  Are you in debt to your eyeballs and don’t know how to get out?  Are you worried about what your debt will do to your future?

The first step is knowing you’re not alone.  A recent Comet survey found that 80% of Americans do not pay their debt in full on a monthly basis.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a millennial, a gen x’er or a baby boomer, the generations were within a few points of each other.

So, you have plenty of company.  You are not alone. You are part of the majority.

Now, what to do about it.

Stay tuned…


Jul 19, 2018

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