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Colored Sticky Note Magic

I know something is coming in the mail today, a bright new Apple MacBook Pro. I’m excited. I bought my last new computer back in 2012 so it’s time.I’ve been planning for it to arrive for the last few days. After I got the UPS notice that the delivery window would be between 3:15 and 7:15 pm, I cleared my schedule…

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The Secret of Incremental Savings

There are tons of places to start when you get serious about getting out of debt.  If you are a big picture person, one of the best places to start is to imagine what life would be like if you had the money for the things you need and want before you purchase them.

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You Are Not Alone

Being in debt can be a lonely journey. Yes, it’s a journey.  It’s a long hard journey that millions face alone.  Imagine that, millions of people are alone in their debt.

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