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Achieve Your Most Important Financial Goals

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Do you feel like you could be doing better financially, but don’t know what to do next?

Are you confused by the financial jargon so many pass off as “wisdom”?

Do you feel like the only one making any money is your financial advisor?

Have you been burned by financial advice in the past?

Are you wary about who to trust anymore for financial advice?

Achieve Your Most Important Financial Goals
One Week at a Time

Identify Your Most Important Financial Goals

If you’ve been caught in an endless cycle of setting goals and failing to reach them, it might be you’re not identifying the most important ones. Your most important financial goals can’t be accomplished overnight and need to be broken down into acheivable short-term actions.

Learn the Strategies of the Game with Others Like You

It’s not uncommon to feel alone in your confusion about what to do next with your money. There are millions of people like you who have made financial mistakes but who want things to be different.  Come learn the rules and strategies of the game so you can accomplish your goals together.


Break Free of the "Conventional Wisdom" Trap

Conventional wisdom might be good in some areas, but it’s not when it comes to your money. A “one sized fits all” approach is good for the companies dispensing the wisdom, but a customized approach is better. Break free of the conventional wisdom trap and customize your plan with us.

“Lesley and I love Vaughan’s teaching. We have learned things we should have known, in fact we probably have learned before, but have just forgotten.”

Kevin McMillan

What Makes The Academy Different

There’s no shortage of opinions out there on what to do with your money. Even the experts disagree. I believe the reason is tragic, people have traded real knowledge about how money works for trite axioms that sound good in marketing campaigns, but which nobody really knows what they mean. I don’t believe that is good and so I’m creating a community to change that.

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In a world where you can find the answer to almost any question by asking Google, Siri or Alexa, it’s hard to trust that that the information you receive is accurate and true for your circumstances.  This is especially true when it comes to your money. Things that should be crystal clear are really shrouded in mystery simply because there is too much information out there.

I know what it feels like to be confused about what to do with your money. I’ve been there too.  It’s taken me years to understand the jargon and the acronyms, which are often used to make the financial decision-making process confusing.

Because of this, I’ve created the Moore Money Academy.  Like the academies of old, this one is made up of a community of people who gather around to discuss foundational principles and the topics of the day on money. On a weekly basis, I pick the principle and guide the discussion so it doesn’t get out of hand.  But I let real people ask real questions about the real things that are going on in their financial lives.  This builds trust in me and the community so that you can accomplish your most important financial goals one week at a time.

I use tools that tell a story with words, pictures and numbers. My storyboards animate financial scenarios over time so you can see what happens to your money when foundational assumptions like rate of return, inflation, or tax rates change.  The things you’ll learn through the academy will fundamentally change your understanding of how money works and you’ll be able to make decisions about what to do with your money based on real knowledge rather than the “conventional wisdom” that really isn’t right for everyone.

The longer you’re a part of the Acadmey the more your confidence will grow as your financial situation changes. You’ll be able to live a fuller, more impactful life. And you’ll be able to live it today rather than waiting for some distant retirement date decades in the future. Together, we’ll help you accomplish your most important financial goals one week at a time.

Impactful Teaching & Conversations

On A Weekly Basis

Weekly Webinar with Q&A

The best way to tackle important topics is to do it regularly with a bunch of people who are going through similar issues.

Archived Sessions

If you can’t be there live, all sessions are archived so you can catch them later.


Conversation Group

Continue the discussions with me and the other members throughout the week inside each lesson.

Vaughan Moore

Vaughan’s approach to financial education is unique.  Unlike many “financial gurus”, he doesn’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone.

  • ​Some should stay away from debt at all cost, while others understand the power of “Other People’s Money” to achieve their goals
  • Some need to focus on earning more money while others need to control their spending.
  • Some are on track to achieve their short-term goals and need to work on the long-term while others are the exact opposite.
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So there’s a danger in becoming a “follower” of any one particular “guru” that prescribe a set of steps to take regardless of your situation.

Instead, Vaughan believes it’s best to understand the foundational principals of money so that you’re directing your financial professionals rather than the other way around.

When you’re the authority, the conversations are different.  When you’re telling rather than asking, the results are different.

Vaughan has been helping people achieve their most important financial goals for over a decade. Join him and others as he helps you tune up your finances through his unique “Financial Tune Up” class.


Plus A Special Bonus

The Moore Money Academy includes an exclusive “Financial Tune Up” class you won’t find anywhere else. Using your paystub you receive every month, you’ll learn more about how money flows through your financial house than anywhere else.

The following 5 Lessons will take 72 minutes to complete and include action items along the way to “tune up” what you’re currently doing.

Income Tune Up

When A Pay Raise is Really A Pay Cut

You’ve gotten a raise, but you don’t feel like you’re better off.  Why?

Although any raise is better than nothing, something I call your “personal inflation rate” will determine if you’re moving forward or backward.

In this 12 minute lesson:


Earn more by knowing when (and how) to ask for a raise, without feeling like you’re begging.


Discover how a pay freeze could represent a loss of over a quarter of a million dollars over the long-term, so you can recover quickly from one.


Know what to do when you don’t get the raise you need, so you have options.

Includes the Full Financial Tune Up Class

Taxes Tune Up

Did The IRS Steal Your Refund?

If you wrote a check to the IRS last April, you might be wondering if the IRS pulled a fast one on you. There was a tax cut last year, right?

There’s real reason to be concerned, but it’s not what most people think. Uncle Sam gets 1st crack at your income and this lesson shows you all the areas that aren’t obvious at 1st glance.

In this 23 minute lesson:


Discover the ONE number that is most important when making tax decisions, so tax time is less stressful


Learn the foolproof way to ensure you get the tax refund you want, because it’s great to get a windfall in April


Find a simple method to increase your take home pay next paycheck, so that you have a little breathing room next month

Includes the Full Financial Tune Up Class

Benefits Tune Up

Are You Insurance Poor?

You’re shelling out an arm and a leg for insurance through your work benefits program and you have no idea if it’s right for you. Or, you have to pay for it on your own and you feel like you’re getting ripped off.

This lesson will get you on the right track when it comes to protecting you and your family when the unthinkable happens.

In this 13 minute lesson:


Determine if being dependent upon your employer for the benefit is acceptable or if it should be purchased independently


Discover the difference between the protection you want versus the protection you need.


Understand the relationship between how much the benefit costs versus the protection offered

Includes the Full Financial Tune Up Class

Pre-Tax Savings Tune Up

Don’t Max Fund Your 401(k) without knowing these things first.

If you feel like your “money guy” is giving you the same advice he gives all his other clients, you’re probably right.

Max funding your 401(k) or IRA is only one example of a one-size-fits-all philosophy that permeates the industry.

Understanding the fundamentals of pre-tax savings and knowing when to use it and when to look for other options is the heart of this lesson.

In this 14 minute lesson:


Flip the power dynamic between you and your financial professional so you’re telling them what you want your money to do rather than asking them what it should do


Understand how all tax favored savings and investment come with strings attached and if your savings outside of your retirement lock box will be enough


Recognize that “tax savings” today might not be what you thought it would be tomorrow, and learn how inflation and other factors outside your control increase the odds that your tax rate will be higher, not lower in retirement, like many professionals profess

Includes the Full Financial Tune Up Class

After-Tax Savings Tune Up

Half Billion Paid in Early Withdrawal Penalties!

Tax Deferral is great, until you need the money…

In 2012 Uncle Sam raked in close to $500 million in early withdrawal penalties because millions didn’t have money in an accessible place.

You’ll learn in this lesson that access to capital can be more important than accumulation of capital.

In this 10 minute lesson:


Learn how the “lock box” of a Roth is different than other retirement plans and the difference between paying tax on the harvest versus the seed


Discover the other kinds of accounts you can use to save for the future and why it’s a good idea to not put all your retirement savings in a place you can’t access and control for decades


Learn a few advanced strategies for ensuring you always have access to capital when you need it

Includes the Full Financial Tune Up Class

What Do You Have to Lose?


Confusion about your financial future



Shame over your past financial mistakes



Anger at the financial establishment for leading you astray



Wonder about what to do next to accomplish your next most important financial goal



Sorrow over not being able to be an impact to those most important to you


Moore Money Academy


Wednesday's at 12:00 noon MT

Join me and others weekly for a 30 minute conversation about money and how to achieve your most important financial goals.

A Community

You’re not alone when it comes to having challenges accomplishing your financial goals. And together we can share struggles and encourage one another along the way.

Full Access to the Academy "Financial Tune Up" Class

This 5 lesson class will walk you through your pay stub to teach you things about your money you never realized.


You’ll also have access to plenty of resources that will help you along the way.



For only $1, you get 14 days to try out all the benefits of the Academy.

Then, it’s just $25/month.  And you can cancel at any time.

Membership includes:

  • the weekly “Live!” Webinars
  • full access to the “Financial Tune Up” class
  • recordings of any “Live!” sessions you miss, and
  • all the tools and resources you’ll need to achieve your most important financial goals.

Additional classes and resources will be added in the weeks and months ahead and those will be included in the membership.

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